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New England Collection
Law Firm

Collection Services

Experienced Attorneys

Our attorneys provide our client base collections experience in the various jurisdictions where they are admitted to practice. It's important to note that the firm maintains staffed offices throughout New England. By working and practicing in the various jurisdictions our attorneys can stay on top of local trends, developments, and court peculiarities that might otherwise be missed. There is simply no substitute for experienced local counsel. Many of our attorneys are admitted in multiple New England jurisdictions to best ensure top regional representation.

State-specific litigation departments

Each of the six New England states in which we practice has its own procedures for litigation. To supplement and support our attorneys our litigation supervisors, paralegals, and legal assistants are trained and experienced in the different legal requirements in each state. To streamline and accelerate the legal process the support staff is assigned to state-specific tasks, and works closely with the attorneys admitted to practice in those states.


Traditional approaches to collections involve three steps: in-house efforts by the creditor, referral to a collection agency followed again by the referral to an attorney to collect any remaining unpaid accounts.

The increasing sophistication of the consumer debtor, internal costs of collection, fees and the growing complexity of collection laws make this approach undesirable. We work both with collections agencies as well as directly with the creditor to maximize recoveries. Our experienced full-time staff utilize state of the art call management and predictive dialer technology to maximize contact which means maximum recovery. Person-to-person contact is enhanced, increasing debtor contacts in excess of 300% over traditional methods. The ability to design client-specific telephone demands works to boost recoveries.

Client Services

Timely and accurate status reports are essential for management to monitor its accounts receivable portfolio. The firm's automated system provides a wide range of reporting options at each step in the collection process. Reports can be tailored to a client's specific needs. In addition, the firm maintains an experienced support staff to respond to client questions and concerns as well as a toll-free number for support.

Even the best systems still need the support that only experienced staff can provide. To facilitate claims processing the firm has a dedicated client services unit, tasked with resolving problems that might arise and insuring that the proper resources are always available to the client. The four client services representatives have extensive experience in all phases of the collection process and a special understanding of areas of legal concern.

Our client liaisons provide a single point of contact for the creditor in working portfolios in the six-state New England region. Familiar with the state-specific requirements, these veteran staff members are key to a smooth collection process and the economies that one-source collections can provide. Beyond the day-to-day issues, the client services unit coordinates routine and specialized status reporting and portfolio analysis, as well as facilitating client audits.

" The above assertions are based upon historical results and may not reflect actual, future results."

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